WTS: E2160 with ASUS P5L-MX

hi, m willing to sale, my processor and board, combinely.

Processor : E2160 (1.8HGHZ) bought in MAR-08 (so under warrenty)

Board: ASUS P5L-MX (bought in Feb-08) also under warrenty

Reason for Selling ----> PC UPGRADE.

Demand: 9800/=

Interested ppl can either PM or send SMS on 0345-2981394.

Thank you.

Does it have a builtin vga card if yes then my Offer is 8K.

BTW i try to call u but ur phone was off thanks.

yes it does have builtin Graphics card. i can give it for 8500/= (8.5K). as i wrongly mentioned that i bought the proc in mar-08. its actually bought on 07-Apr-2008. kindly send ur reply ASAP.

Sorry bro but I just have got a full PC E6600 and AsusP5B & 2Gb DDR2 for 12000Rs