WTS: Dell Latitude C840


I have a used (refurbished) Dell Latitude C840 that I want to sell as I have recently purchased a MacBook :). It has been used with care and is in good condition. The specifications are:

Intel Pentium M 2.0GHz

1GB DDR RAM (Upgraded from 512MB)

60GB HDD (Upgraded from 40GB)

32MB nVidia Dedicated Graphics

15.4" TFT LCD


~1 Hour Battery Time

USB, miniPCI, FireWire, miniDVI, LAN, Modem, VGA

Other Standard Ports

The laptop comes with the following accessories FREE!

Original Dell Laptop Bag (Very Handy & Functional, with Lots of Pockets)

Original Windows XP Professional SP1 OEM Edition (Works on any Dell Computer)

Original Windows ServicePack 2 CD

Many Good Softwares (Optional)

Dell Charging Adaptor

Interested people may please PM me, SMS me or EMail me.

Thank You.

PS: Sorry I forgot to mention, the price is PKR30,000 (negotiable).

EDIT: Price Updated. New price PKR25,000 (ummm... Final)

EDIT: Price is a bit negotiable ... again :)

Original Windows XP Professional SP1 OEM Edition (Works on any Dell Computer)

how much just for it?

Ummm, i dont know if i can sell it without the laptop. I think it will be illegal or something

This one is activated on that OEM PC. This is not just an off the shelf OEM copy.

lol funny price on that, way overboard....

your demand is very high, in that much price one can get centrino processor with same specs

1. Is ur lapi still up 4 sale.

2.Wat is its condition

3.any prob in any part whatsoevr

Please give ur email or cell no

Sure, its 03217749329.

Abbas raja for your information a pentium m and a centrino is the same thing...the only difference is centrino has the wifi built in...and does not mean the centrino is better in any regards and no you cannot find a 2.00ghz pentium in the market for 25k atleast if its got this much stuff in it....but still since this is isnt the market a minutely lower price would be able to make this a quick sell!

Wel considering da disk size, grafic card and absence of wi-fi and DVD ROM da price is still forbiding. Com on nabeel it is refurbished sys after all. Com wid a better price.

with all the accessories and original bag demand is not so high and its reasonable !!

best of luck nabeel

Thank You kanidefurqan :)

!bump! anyone please?

Hold on nabeelimran! I think my friends may be interested, let me ask them..

Well Wren... any luck?

Is it still available ?

I also have a c 840 for sale . i bought it from islamabad

very cheap price.

contact Asad 03335208423.

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Is it still available ?

Sorry I was out of town for a month (some duty thing :))

Yes it is still up for grabs. Anyone interested please?

so whats ur final price, and where do u liv in pindi ?