WTS: Dell Axim X51v


I have a used Axim X51v. If anyone is interested, please contact me (SMS) on the number provided. The specs can be looked up on google. Any other queries, please contact. Comes with a soft cover and a USB data cable.

Thank You.



EDIT: corrected a mistake, sorry.

Wat is the asking price?

And if you upload some pics then we will be able to see its condition.

Hmmm... well these are the detailed specs:

Processor: 624 MHz Intel XScale PXA270 with WMMX

Operating System: Windows Mobile 5.0

Display: 3.7 inch 480 x 640 VGA screen; Intel Marathon 2700G graphics accelerator with 16 MB video RAM; VGA output

Memory: 64 MB RAM; 256 MB flash ROM (195 MB available)

Size & Weight: 4.68" x 2.87" x 0.629", 172 grams (6.06 ounces)

Expansion: CompactFlash Type 2 and SDIO slots

Docking: 36-pin connector, standard USB cradle

Communication: Integrated Bluetooth 1.2 and 802.11b WiFi

Audio: Internal monaural speaker; microphone; 3.5mm headphone/headset jack

Battery: Standard 3.7 volt, 1100 milliamp-hour Lithium-Ion battery

Input: 6 remappable application buttons; 5-way directional pad; touchscreen

Software: Windows Media Player 10, 802.1x security client, bundled applications

Other: Consumer IR, lock switch

My Demand is PKR:15k (Negotiable)

As for the pictures, i'll get some as soon as the cells are charged :)

Update: Price reduced to 12.5k (final please)

Anyone? C'mon guys isn't there anyone in need of a PDA! :)

well why dont you post some pics here so that anyone interested can have a look of the condition of this PDA u offering and as far as that let us know why are you selling this PDA?

Hmmm... ok i'll post some today. And the only reason I want to sell it is because i bought it for a friend who doesn't want it now. I mean its not because it has any fault or anything.

Photos uploaded :)







this is a very powerful pda.

specs are very good.

but these days ppl. in pakistan want cellphones for that reason ur looking at a very narrow market.

i was having a difficult time selling my HTC 8525.

thanks, i am keeping my fingers crossed



To help you a little. Here is a introductory video (by someone) =D

Great device BTW, would have bought it if had the .... =(

>>Zohaib Aslam

thanks a mil yar, appreciate it :)

well anybody from rawalpindi who wants it on installments?

great device man i used it but people here look for GSM enabled phone plus PDA

sure looks like it yar, well lets see...

I'm interested in it, curious as to

1. How old is it

2. Where was it initially purchased

3. What is the condition, ie scratches etc

4. Are all the accessories, packing, box included etc?

5. Is there anything at all wrong with it

6. If you bought it for a friend who didnt want it, why is it used etc

thanks look forward for your answers

wow, now thats what i call a plethora of questions :). ok here goes...

1. honestly don't know

2. i got it from an acquaintance, so don't know where he got it from but somewhere abroad

3. the condition is very good, no scratches on the screen etc

4. nopes, only a data cable and a soft case are included (as mentioned in the first post) and hence the low price tag

5. not that i am aware of, its in near perfect working condition

6. well i suppose one can buy used stuff for one's friend if one's friend wants him to (used being less pricy n all)


PS: just to make things easier for you, i do have another axim x51v which i use as my pda. i bought that one from a guy in usa (ebay). that one came with the box and an extra 2200mAH battery and a car charger and a RhinoSkin hard case. so i only want to sell this one because frankly i have no use for it myself.

cool, thanks for the answers, will think it over