[WTS] D-Link DSL-2780 ADSL Wireless 300Mbps Broadband Router


Item: ADSL Wireless Router
Item Model: D-Link DSL-2780 (TalkTalk Branding)

Item Details:

- Supports ADSL2+ with advanced chipset
- Supports Wireless b/g/n upto 300Mbps
- Standard Firewall and Security Features

- Supports 3G USB Modems: Compatibility is unknown so your device may or may not work ... only tested on dsl connection!

- Builtin Setup Wizard to Configure
- Many advanced configuration options available

- Ideal for use with your dsl connection
- Ideal for upgrading from older nonwireless or wireless modems/routers

- Some extra holes for better ventilation on back

Note: You must be able to understand and follow the instructions at: http://ahmedfarazch.blogspot.com/2015/05/talktalk-d-link-dsl-2780-info-and-use.html in order to configure the router!!!

Item Condition: as shown in pictures attached ... for more pictures of router and interface, kindly visit http://1drv.ms/1VSldpR
Item Warranty: Check Warranty for Pickup, None for Shipment

(I shall only sell the items tested by me upto a week unless brand-new/new in box)

Returns & Exchange: Sorry

Item Price: Rs. 1,500/--

Payment & Dealing: Cash, CNIC based mobile cash transfer ... Pick-up by Buyer or Shipment via Courier
Contact: PM

Item Location:
G-11, Islamabad

(Shipping Available on Buyer's Expense)

Price Reduced to Rs. 1,200/-