WTS: Creative EP-630 Earphones (BRAND NEW)

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whats so special in it ?

so u r asking 1250 for this ? sony earphones are much sensitive and performance wise great than this .

please let me know whats special in it ??


These are one of the best earphones and are very common among people abroad. You are saying what’s so special about them that i am asking 1250? You should check their original price. It was 3200 few days ago and it just came down to 2400 that too ABROAD. Not here. I am offering the same headphones UNUSED for half the price.

Plus they are of creative. Sony are famous as a general brand for everyone and are not specific to computers or music players. Creative are specific for pc and everyone knows about their great speakers such as the Gigaworks S750. Likewise, their sound cards and music player accessories.

The reviews for these earphones have been really exceptional.

i'm in karachi... make it a thousand bucks and i'll pick it up from u. Msg me @ 03008225662, for a quick sale :)

still available???


No reply from you.


Yes still available. Drop me an email with your number.

Got this from Ken for 1500 shipped... the bass and overall sound is one of the best i've ever heard. better than my iphone ones by miles.

will recommend to anyone who have mp3 players.

Thread re-opened.

Thanks Asad.

Upon request, more Earphones are available :)

^ Do mention the price.

Which ones and for how much?

Same one. Same price i.e. 1500 and PACKED.

I have a Sennheiser PX 100 headphones with me. I just got a pair of EP630 from KEN. I must say that they sound very good. Certainly not better then PX100 but way better then the apple original earphones.

I have tried the pair with Ipod Classic 80 GB.

Thank you for your feedback Navid. Also let me tell you there's a huge difference between Headphones and Earphones. Headphones give you surround sound which goes up to 5.1 for normal headphones. Sennheiser is a really good brand and it is no surprise that they are better especially because they are headphones.


Exams finished. I am taking orders for these Earphones now. If i had something to plug them in, i seriously would have bought a pair for myself. I have 2 Headphones and Earphones for Sony Ericsson phone itself.

Note: Price is subject to variation as they are ordered from abroad. Although, if a number of people place orders, then i would be able to get them for 1500 or perhaps SLIGHTLY more.


KEN mail me your number, or pm on the other site.

Check your mail Ommee

Ken, is ur offer still valid?

Yes it is =]

ken, which models do u have.. i may be interested..

or do u only have the creative ones as in ur first post

I only have the above mentioned Earphones. But if you are also interested in Headphones, i have those as well.

Btw, the ep630 are one of the best earphones especially in the price offered at. They will cost you almost 3300 from America.

Msg got posted twice.