WTS: Battery pack for cell/tablets

Ordered a rechargeable chinese battery pack (claims its 8400mAH). (Just to give you an idea, an S3 battery is 2100mah.. this means this can theoretically fully charge an s3 from 0 to 100% FOUR times!!)

I’ve charged it 2 times for checking so can give a gaurentee that it is atleast 5000mAH.

Opened for checking.

It also has an LED light, two output USB ports (1mah and 2mah), indicator leds for charge left etc

It has four different pins so you can charge ur iphones, nokias, samsungs and tablets etc on the go!!

Selling because I have an extra!

Price: 3000/-
1 day checking warranty
Location: Khi (can b shipped etc etc)


PM or SMS at: 0 3 3 3 - 3 3 9 3 3 4 5


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Deal today giving it for 1500 (5600 mah)


Sir this is 8400mAH and it has two output ports so you can use Wingle and charge your phone/tablet simultaneously

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Fine, But in 3000 I can get two 5600 mah that make it 11200 mah :) . So you should lower its price ...

I bought 12000mah for 2k.

Wow. From where? ?

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Please close thread. Keeping it.

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