{WTS}- Apple Ipod Touch 2G(8GB)

Apple Ipod Touch 2G(8GB)--Selling Cheap!

I have an Ipod Touch 2G which I want to sale. It is in pristine condition with NO major scratches(scratches at the back only as usual with Apple Ipods)...Works perfectly with everything in right order.

I have NO box and NO handsfree(but data cable will be provided) rather I have pouch in which it always remains(you will be provided this pouch when you buy it from me) and lack of accessories is compensated with the price of the Ipod..I am selling this Ipod touch 2G for 10.5k(including shipping to any other city) .

Reason Of Sale: Want to buy some other thing

Location: Lahore

Contact Method: via this email(wiredpakistan)

Moreover, I am giving 1-day checking warranty, you can check its working through out the day. It is jail-broken and on iOS 4.1.

Here is the image(now uploaded latest images):



How's the battery life? For Audio and Video playback. I am asking this because the battery loses its charge capacity over time, and with a non replaceable battery, its a big risk.

^it's perfectly fine...In fact, once I charge it to fully, I keep using it for at least 4-5 days listening to songs for at least 2 hours a day.

Regards and thanks!

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Hello. Is this still available? And are you willing to exchange it with an Android phone?