WTS 22'' inch Samsung LCD Model 2232BW

the photo link 22'' inch samsung 2232bw

i bough it on 11/07

the new price is 24000

so bid for it , do keep in mind i am mentioning the new price


very much interested.

Temme What Price you are expecting!

i am expecting 20k

I am interested as well but can u tell me which panel (A or CMO) u have got ?

also why r u selling this monitor?

is it still in warranty?

the warranty is 3 years , bought on 10-11-07, so it's in warranty , i am not sure about model A or CMO

is 3 year Complete warrenty Or LImited warrenty??

To chk the panel u would need to turn ur LCD's brightness and Contrast to zero then hold the source button for like 5 seconds and then a hidden menu would appear just get the serial # on the hidden menu and post it here

P.S if u r still confused just google it mate :)

the serial number is PE22H9LPA04961T

Hey Zarrukh hope u r having a good time

I think u got me wrong u posted the product serial # whereas i asked for the serial # that only comes in the Hidden menu & its something like that


There are actually 4 types of Panels





So if u r wondering which panel u have got get the serial # (follow the instructions on my previous post plz) & post it here or u can simply find it ur self (follow the link) & just tell me which panel u got i am actually interested in the Samsung panel


the serial number is m-PE22BOCLA-1003.1

for my understanding it's AU Panel

xAx-xxxx : Samsung panel.

xLx-xxxx : AU Optronics panel.

xDx-xxxx : CMO panel.

xIx-xxxx : CPT panel

So yes, Samsung once again is using panels from different sources and moreover they admit this right off. The more or less official reason circulating from their warranty department is that S panels (Samsung) are intended for units destined for Europe (at least Western Europe),the A (AU Optronics) is for North America (sorry, no test for this screen yet) and C (CMO) is for Asia. It would be difficult to explain such a distribution strategy

u will find this article on


Yeah it is really annoying that one cant find an "S" panel here in Pakistan but like i said i am only interested in the 'S' panel

BTW is everything else sold out?

only LCD & graphic card is here

Hey man zarrukh.. Why arent you replying bro?