WTS: 19" WIde Screen LCD Monitor

I wana sale My Philips 19" Wide Screen LCD, Model 190Cw, I hav Box , Cd n every thing which came wid LCD, I brought 1 Year Ago, But I lost Slip , so No warrenty, but i can give u Checking warrenty ,, Working Perfect no Prob At all.. no Dead Pixel

Demand : Rs 10500

Contact : 03333215323




Is the price negotiable and y r u selling the lcd monitor ?

yes it is lil negotiable, m selling This Becoz I wana Buy New graphics card, which support GTA IV...

What is its response time and does it support HDCP ?

5ms its Response time, n yes HDCP supported


ur location???


Price reduced to 11000/=

are you willing to ship to other cities, wud the charges be borne by you?? and is this your final price??

no yaar , sorry i cant ship to Other city..

It is an old model now and since it's not under warranty, i would place it's value at around 8500 since 17" LCD's without warranty are available for 7000 and new LCD's are available for 11500. I doubt you'll be able to get 11,500 for this. A person would rather buy a new one with warranty instead.

ok, then buy a new 1,

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I would have purchased it, but after your tone, i have decided not to.

My Bid 8000

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I would have purchased it, but after your tone, i have decided not to.

lolzz… gud for U

Prices Reduced To 10500 , n its Final ,

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Prices Reduced To 10500 , n its Final ,

Did you really reduce the price?? In the very post you demanded Rs.10,500!!!

He edited his first post cant you see the editing time.