WTS: 100% Original Pakistan Worldcup Shirts

Selling original Pakistan shirts. Actually I have been selling it from last one month but now I have very little stock available.

The only shirts available now are XL and L.

These shirts are 100% original and my first shipment was sold to LORDS.

The price they were sold to customers were 2000 which came down to 1500.

A special offer for wiredpakistan as a new stock is coming so the shirt will cost you 1100+shipping cost ( whichever courier service you prefer.

Dealing method would be cash or bank transfer before I ship you the TCS or you can take a look at them at clifton dha karachi.

Cant find a camera right now. Pics were taken last night in a car so sorry for being them blurry and I even forgot to add my name slip to it. Will do that in new pics.

Pictures: http://img819.imageshack.us/g/20110322204650.jpg/

Contact: 0345 double two double seven 983 ( text preferred )

Anything I missed ? Let know :)

Aah. I bought 31 for 1200 and paid high shipping last week :(

^ Ahhh if you still want I have Large and XL limited available.

^ how is the quality ?

Small and Medium were big hit... Sold all the stock today :)

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^ how is the quality ?

Export Quality.

Went a big hit, Thinking of importing more. The reason the shirts went hit was because this time the design of the shirts are pretty cool and on the other hand many youngsters like me and punk participated in selling shirts.

All Shirts sold out. Please close the thread.