WTH (Want to Hire) Good article writers

^ what this - stands for?

^ Kiren two times I thought about giving my comments but I decided to stay out, since I can't delete my post so I just left "-" in there. Thats it. Dozens of these type of threads pop up in this forum. I think I am gonna stay out.

kamran1x1 start your own thread and start giving words of wisdom there. why not start a commentary on these threads popping up :)

^^ lol. no thanks man, i am too old, i guess i'll spend my time tension free in this forum.

I need some one too. I will give him the articles with codes and he would have to rewrite it

You can hire me.

I am writing articles for my international clients. We will negotiate on the payment terms by mutual understanding don't worry.

PM me.

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I need some one too. I will give him the articles with codes and he would have to rewrite it

How much will you pay…??

Any one needs a inexperienced writer, then i am up. I can do a sample or two to check my eligibility (:


Sent you an email, check n reply.

Thank you.


Sent you an email too, kindly check n reply.

thank you.


Sent you an email too........

Thank you.

I can write for you at your specified rate

ok--All those who are demanding $6-$10 MUST talk after seeing what is their native language...English...?? A big NO...Now if you are adamant and say that you can write better than a native English speaker then you are dumb head..Most of the people on all freelancer sites JUST contact people from India or Pakistan to get their articles done at $2 or MAX $3....There are very very few who charge more...

I just commented because I just saw some insane comments in this thread...!


i demand 200 dollars minimum per well researched article.

^You can demand $1000 but let me know when you get hired as per your demand....

^ thats good round figure, I'll write well researched articles on finance for US $1000.00 each.

Already hired a very experienced seo writer......

^you couldn't afford me anyway.

^^ you don't have writing skills..... :D

^ X2

Check out his writing skills the thread linked below, post numba 19.