WTF! My Google account is blocked, and I can't seem to upload my ID!

So I tried to make a Google+ page for my college's literary society via its Gmail address. Long story short, I entered the society's date of founding instead of my birthdate on the sign-up page. The account is now locked. It will be deleted in 29 days, unless I supply my CNIC. No problem really, except that every time I click 'I agree', I get "The connection was reset" (Firefox) and "This webpage is unavailable" (Chrome). What do I do? Can someone give my Google support's address?

Here is Google+ Support page>>

And there is a discussion group.

You may post your question there for a quick and professional response.

Here is the link>>!forum/google-plus-discuss

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Are you sure

1) you're not using a proxy? Or if you aren't, try using a proxy

2) you can use the webform and upload the things online, or

3) fax.

4) credit card transactions work as well (up to you to use this).

Or try using it on another machine and see if you get the same error. You could post on the Gmail forums and wait for somebody to escalate your issue there.

@Effeay Note that

- To create Google+ Page you only require one thing and that is name of the page, it could be any thing like "Blah Blah Blah" with no restriction

- Google+ Profile and Google+ Page are two different things. You can create one or more G+ Pages within your existing Google+ Profile.

- Google+ Profiles now have gone public and you are not allowed to enter fake names in your profile's First or Last Name and both names are required. If you enter non-human names in your profile, Google will lock your profile.

When you said you tried to add some date and or gmail address while creating Google+ Page, that tells me that you were creating a Google+ Profile but not the Page. And you probably have given some non-human name to your college's literary society's profile. That may have caused your profile to be blocked.

AFAIK you should be able to log into that account and change the name to your own name. Your profile should be reactivated again (it will take time or days as the process is manual at Google's end). Then create a Page via proper way.

Once again; for page you won't need to enter any email address or date of birth.. these are things are required for a Profile.

Better to create a new Google+ Profile for you and then create a page within that Profile

PS: It works the same way as Facebook Pages work within a Facebook Profile.

Supply your CNIC to those mofos? Are you really that desperate to use those shitty sites? Fk em.

[quote=“metaltongue, post:6, topic:16062”]

Supply your CNIC to those mofos? Are you really that desperate to use those shitty sites? Fk em.


It wasn’t my personal account. Our college’s literary society has been using Google Docs to work on the magazine, etc, so it was/is an important account. They took a few days, but I eventually got the account back. I hadn’t made a Google+ profile till then, but I’ve made one now. :confused: