WTB: Want To Hire Forum Posters For Pakistan Forum

Hi all,

I am looking for forum posters to post on my new forum www.tafreehforum.com

I am paying 1 Rupee per post, you can make as many posts as you like. Just PM me there with your username and inform me that you are interested in this offer.

How will you get paid?

I will pay you through mobile easy loads. Since this offer is only for Pakistanis so it is easy to give them money through easy loads.

Please let me know if you are interested and/or have any question?



Do you pay for every post? Who is the judge of the 'quality' of the post? I could post random crap all over your forum and expect to be paid for it!

Of course I will be checking for the "quality" of posts and will inform the poster if his/her posts are not good quality.

The forum is "fun forum" so no technical knowledge required, you can talk about anything to everything and get paid for your participation.

so where do you get money from to pay a poster?

> Where do I get money from?

I think that should not be a concern for posters. As I said I will pay through mobile easy loads.

I have money in hand and as soon as you want payout I can recharge your mobile account via easy load for the amount you have earned by that time.

1 Rupee per post...come on,

If u need quality anchored text links then u should pay at least 10 rupees per post.

I will definitely increase the prize once the forum is in good shape. For now to start the promotion I can pay only Rupee 1 per post.

Its easy money for Pakis.

You should try to use the word Pakistani's. Gora's say !@#$'s when they try to badmouth us.

^ Got it :)

In 1 Rs you can't even buy a Kopra toffee eh

paying Re 1 per post is really insulting.

If you don't agree on this price then stay out of this thread.

There must be more meaningful and less odious

ways to make money on the net.




Sheikh 'Frivolous' Chilli