WTB (Want to Buy): A Scanner

I need a simple low cost document scanner if anyone wants to sell contact me.

ure better off buying a multifunction printer/scanner thing. Believe me, the investment pays off.

anyways do mention ur price range.


I probably can adjust the budget considering the features available but considering the price for new multi-function printers, used ones shouldn't be expansive. Multifunction is not my first choice as i already have a printer. Anyways do you wanna sell?

I recently needed a scanner too, but the cheapest, new scanners were costlier than the entry-level multifunction printers, so I just went with HP F2480. So far it's working smoothly, though it consumes a lot of ink.


How much did it cost? and any idea about how is the performance of a refilled color cartridge?

Why don't you just buy this all in one solution which S|n|St3r is selling at very low price.


i was just suggesting. its a choice i didnt have while looking for a printer. now i see a multifunction unit..... i DROOL :P