[WTB]Speakers within 10k for use with PC. Desi or Altec Lansing?

AOA guys.

i tried to sum up my query in the title of the thread but let me elaborate a few things. I'm planning to buy a sound system for my PC, it should be within a budget of Rs. 100,00. What i'm looking for is crisp sound quality, decent enough bass and some degree of loudness as it will usually have to perform the duty of a sound system for a dance party in my dormitory room.

The options i have at the moment are two. First being that i go for a decent 2.1 system from Altec Lansing, which, is a safe bet as i dont know much about audio equipment stuff. The second one, as suggested by many guys, to get custom made speakers as in buying sub-woofers, components, tweeters, amplifiers, etc. individually and assembling them in some housing.

So the question is, should i go for the custom made ones or not?

If yes, then would i be able to squeeze in a decent system in a meager 10k budget?

What would you guys recommend considering my requirements?

And where could i get all this stuff in Karachi?

I hope you all bear with me reading all the crap i wrote.

Waiting for your valuable suggestions.


id go with custom any day. but in 10k budget its really not that feasible. more like impossible.

ure better off with a solution frm altec lansing or logitech.


which equipment would you recommend if i go for the custom setup? i might stretch my budget if i get something worth the buck.