WTB: Socket 754 CPU (AMD)

Hi folks

Anyone here have a socket 754 cpu for sale, or know where I can find one? I've checked around hafeez center and haven't found one.



i have a athlon 3000+ 64bit 754Socket with heatsink and fan

the only problem is that the processor got heat up too quick and restarts

if u use a third party cooler like thermal rite or asus or gigabyte then u can use this processor flawlessly

I have a 3200+ amd 64 socket 754(2.2ghz), i do not have the box for it neither the receipt but i do know its warranty ended a few months ago as i also bought it used after i broke an older amd 64 2800+...I have the original Heat sink and fan with it and it has been lapped with artic silver...i will if u require add in the box of my old amd 64 2800+ if u really need it and i have a case badge for it too which i will add in... the catch is im in karachi and am an active member on pkforum.com and go4b.net.pk/forums and wcck.net....no heatup issues or anything btw....

you can contact me on msn kazi_faiz@hotmail.com if u are interested....


i'd like to try diagnosing the problem before considering a sale between us. if i can help you to get the cpu to work you will then have the choice of reusing it yourself or selling it. i don't want to take advantage of you in case the problem can be easily solved. that said, please tell me the sequence of events that occurs before the problem manifests itself. let's go through a checklist and try to figure out where and how the failure occurs:

1/ you turn on the power and the computer goes through the power on self test process

2/ operating system loads

3/ you run applications

4/ failure occurs in come combination of the following symptoms: a) you see error messages in the OS that tell you something has gone wrong, B) there are no error messages but the video screen becomes blue, c) the screen goes blank (as if there is no signal from the system), d) the system powers down and remains powered down until you restart it via the power button, e) the system powers down for some time and then restarts by itself (without your doing anything)

some suggestions:

1/ please go to your bios screen and check the cpu and system temperatures and post them here

2/ please clean the heatsink (body and fins) and heatsink fan

3/ please clean off the old thermal paste or film and remount the heatsink & fan onto the cpu

4/ please try running the system in a cool room with the case removed

if none of these things prevent the problem from occurring again then i suspect you have a bad power supply which is selectively switching off power to the various components (the motherboard being one of them). if you can swap out the power supply then do so and tell me if the problem is still there, in fact you might try this fix before any of the other things mentioned above.

i hope this helps you figure out what might be wrong. if you're in lahore i can try helping you with all of this stuff. if you're not in lahore then you might consider sending the cpu, heatsink & fan to a friend in lahore so that we can try to diagnose the problem together.




how much do you wish to sell the whole package (cpu/heatsink/fan) for?

if we agree to a sale, do you have a trusted friend in lahore that you could send the package to? i'll need to confirm that the unit is functional before i make payment. if you have a friend in lahore to take responsibility for receiving the package and for accepting payment from me it would make the process easier.



i do have a friend in lahore trustworthy enough to accept the package and let u take it, the problem is he isnt trustworthy enough to send the money back to me :P....a simpler solution is to move over on an active forum where i am active and i can test the processor on someones machine there, a neutral member can confirm everything note down the serial numbers etc of the package and ill make the delivery once the forum member can confirm the processor's working condition and u make the payment:s demand's 3k not inclusive of shipping ill get u a quote on that later...

vadvaro danx for ur help

the only problem is processor heating when u turn on the pc it normally runs and temp begin to rise until 70 or 80 then it automatically shuts down because it is default in all mobo to shut down to prevent damage................


if the temp keeps increasing until the cpu shuts down to protect itself then i suggest you run the system with the case off (in a cool room) and check the following:

a/ is the heatsink fan running the entire time the system is powered up?

b/ does the temp rise at the same rate in a cool(er) room as it does usually?

if the fan isn't working, or only working intermittently please go into your bios and make sure that you haven't set the cpu cooling fan to work intermittently (only when the temp hits some higher threshold).

if that doesn't help then just replace the fan altogether and retest. if the new fan works all the time and the temp is still rising until the cpu shuts down then i can only say that you should try cleaning the heatsink, fan and cpu and reassembling them with a fresh layer of thermal paste between the heatsink and cpu.

if that doesn't help then we get into some bizarre territory where you might have a faulty temp sensor, bad (or no) thermal paste, or a badly designed heatsink. in that case the doctor might diagnose a more robust heatsink (like you suggested earlier) or maybe just expect to use the comp with all of it's components spread on a wooden table in an air-conditioned room. don't laugh, a college friend of mine did that once; he used to call it "distributed computing" ;)

hope this helps. my first preference is still to get the cpu working before talking about a sale. a last ditch method to validate the reason for the cpu shutdown might be to put the cpu in front of the draft from an a/c (with the case off of course) and see if that stops the temp increase at all.

please let me know what you think.



i appreciate ur suggestions but i had a full fledged running PC ..i only placed the faulty processor and it gives me problem and when i place a working one it runs like charm.....the problem is only in the processor.............and i think the Heat spreader of the processor is internally displaced from inside core...as i said if i use a thrid party cooler then this processor also works fine


how much do you want to sell the whole package for?



vadvaro u seem to have gone quiet was it the price or was it the risk factor? :P