[WTB] Pan Dan and Rubik's Cube

I am in Rawalpindi and I am in need of following items. If you know where I can buy (with reasonable prices) in Rawalpindi and Islamabad then please mention the shop. If you can buy (from outside Rawalpindi) and can post me then I shall give you price of item and posting charges.

Pan Dan

I am looking for new shinny silver color complete pan dan set. It should be of large size. I am going to give it as a gift. Larger the better with all stuff (obviously not with pans etc.). But with silver colored metal spoons etc.

I tried to search in Rawalpindi but they are of small size (personal size) and extremely expensive (shopkeeper was telling me this is for decoration and I was like "What? Are you serious?".

Anyway, if you can buy from Karachi and post me then please tell me how much it will cost and how much will be package and handling? A picture of item will be great. Thank you.

Rubik's Cube

I am looking for three Rubik's Cubes. I am in need to get them to give them as gifts. They should be of enough size to be handle by adult's hands. Size should be around at least 3" in width x height.

I tried to search in Rawalpindi markets (in book and toy stores) but can't find it. Most of shopkeepers don't even know what it is and I have to explain them but no success in finding it yet.

If anyone knows where to buy this in Rawalpindi and Islamabad then please mention the shop. If you can buy from outside Rawalpindi and can post me then please mention the price and postage+handling price. Thank you. A picture of item will be great.


Please guys, help me out here. I am looking forward for your replies. Thank you for reading this.

Rubiks cube can be easily found at any of the 'gift' shops. Go to the posh malls and stuff mate. I have a mates toy shop in Karachi and he has these. If you cant find them then ill let you know the cost of getting those and shipping to you. But seriously ... this is a normal thing im sure you can find it in Isloo. Tell them its the rang baranga square :P not the rubik cube.

Same for the pandaan. Easily available in areas like Saddar and such 'older' areas.


Look for them at One Shop (its a top shop) infront of Jinnah's Pizza hut.

You get two qualities. The lesser one is 150/- i think.

Paandaan, go to raja bazaar.

@ Sir Ahsan

Thank you for replying. I have checked some shops in Rawalpindi and haven't yet searched in Islamabad for Rubik's Cube. Indeed, I have to explain what Rubik's Cube is :) I'll try to search it in Islamabad and if I can't find it then I'll let you know to get it for me from Karachi. Thank you for your offer. :)

I did found Pan Dan in Saddar Rawalpindi but it was very expensive and shopkeeper told me it's for decoration :D

@ PriZm

Thank you for replying. Which Pizza Hut branch are you referring?

Raja Bazaar for Pan Dan, oh God! I don't like driving in Raja Bazaar. If for any unfortunate crossed stars, I have to go to Raja Bazaar, I park car near Laqiat Bagh and walk all the way to Raja Bazaar. :) Anyway, I'll check it out. :)

By the way, do you know where to look in to Raja Bazaar? Any street name? Because I mostly see cloths and electronics shops there. And then there is Namak Mandi, Sabzi Mandi etc.

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@ Sir Ahsan

I missed your last post. Can you please write it again in English (as mods has deleted it due to Roman Urdu). Thanks. :)

Lol. No roman urdu ... aite.

Well, If you dont find the thing ... let me know, ill probably be able to get both things for you and send them via TCS.

^ Sir Ahsan

Thank you. I'll try to search and buy stuff from places mentioned above. If I am unable to find then I'll give you the trouble to get it for me. :)

Once again. Thank you :)

Jinnah Super. Its a toy shop. I would assume that other toy shops (fancy ones) have it too.

Oh and Prince Brass (its in g-6 markaz, behind UBL).. Try that for the pan dan. THough i do warn you, it'll be pricier.

As for where in Raja Bazaar, the gali that is parallel to the UPS street. I dont know regions or directions there. I just GET there. :P

^ PriZm

Thank you very much. I shall visit these places as soon as I get free time. :)

Well, A friend of mine is a wholesale importer. Last week he showed me samples of RUBIK CUBE.

Let me know with your email or phone and I will update you with the availability and prices.


^ /\ /\/ /\ /\/\

Thank you Anum for your such a nice offer. If I can't find it anywhere then I'll let you know. :)

Thank you.

>> wampyr

Any update on the Rubik's Cube. I need to get one too for my kids and am visiting Islamabad in a couple of days. If you could please email me any info on the shops there I would surely appreciate it.

Try any toy shop in the Jinnah (F-7) / Super (F-6) areas.

@wampyr : u can find rubik's cube on shaheed - e -millat road's chowrangis