WTB - Old Children Books

Hi All,

I am looking for old children urdu books published by Ferozesons in 1970 - 80s. Most of them were novels of different topics etc.

some old library

I have Inspector Kamran and Inspector Jamshed

series; Dastan-e-Ameer Hamza, Tilsam-e-Hoshruba,

Tarzan Aur Gainda; Sindbad Jahazi; etc.

I am going to pass these on to my grandchildren,

in my will. If they are nice and behave.




Sheikh 'Mugambo Khush Hua' Chilli


there are many books at above site. but i m not able to Open a book in ASD Viewer provided in the site. can any one help?

I am looking for specially those seriese named "Teen Nanhay Suraghrisaan". Urdu translation of "The 3 Investigators" by Alfred Hitchkok published in 1970-80s.