WTB Nvidia 9800GTX

I want to buy used 9800GTX or 9800GTX+ anyone selling let me know.

Sold Mine EVGA 9800GTX+

hi , i do have a BFG 9800 GTX OC , which has 9 months warranty of galaxy , so if u r interested do reply on my cell 0321-9277854, the price of new is Rs.20000, so u throw the price , i am from karachi



yes brother i am interested in your graphic card. Inshallah i will buy this card from u after EID.

let see wht happen if it is in your luck then u will get it bro , i also started my post, so let see

you do msg me on my mobile , so how come you say u never bid , if it wasnt you i am sorry , i had no intention to sell a thing by lying , will you delete your post from my topic .

sorry for the misunderstanding

so ur interested in buying the card

IS there any problems in this card? why r u selling this card?

My offer is Rs 15000.

i am kinda selling my whole computer

how you are going to pay me and check the card , post me the details