WTB: Nokia E-72 in lahore

Hello everyone...

I want to buy Nokia E72... in black color, in Lahore

1. Preferably should be in warranty and black color.

2. Should be in Good condition.

3. mention any fault (if there), before telling ur demand.

Please forum email me... Along with ur demand, condition, and location in lahore.


oh you are looking for second hand E72? To me, its optical trackpad doesn't work very well. Speakerphone volume is a bit low. It has a lower-resolution screen compared with some of its competitors and without carrier backing, the E72 carries an expensive price tag.

hi dude i am in karachi other wist i am sellin n8


thanks for your comment, but u know i opened this thread B/S/T category not in cell phones... that means i am here to buy it, not to ask its features, cons and pros.


i think i mentioned E 72 not N8 !