[WTB] Dual Pc/PS2 controller

Hey does anyone know if it is available in lahore or if someone has it,is he willing to sell it.



at least chek ur posted link

its not working

how can people know wat u need

i have edited now its working

chek saddar electronics market (bismillah Market )i have seen that thing some time before

^saddar is in karachi right?I live in lahore so pls tell me any place here.

if u r in lahore than its ur luck

i dont know much places in lahore may be some lahori guy can help u

(a piece of advice

if u r buying it for PC than u shud go for XBOX 360 USB controller this controller is outstanding in precision and quality many times superior to PS2 controller its also dual shock compatible.)

Yea obviously i can buy a controller but i wanted to go the cheap way.=D