[WTB] Dell ultrasharp U2410 LCD monitor

Looking to buy this monitor, has to be REV 01 not the 00.

I don't think its available in PK.

Should I go for the u2311 instead? The thing is that I can wait to get a better monitor, but if the difference is not that much I would just go for the 2311 instead. Any feedback is welcome.

P.S I actually have a seller for the 2311 for 22k brand new.

Well there's surely considerable amount of difference between them in fact, there is NO comparison between them if go carefully between specs. But if you can wait and have twice the money than, go for 2410 (you probably have to order it).

But if your short on money, 2311 is also a good choice over any TN panel available here cause it still is e-IPS if not H-IPS like 2410 + you already have seller here.

Personally I would go for 2410 if i were you.

I was a little unsure but now I am just gonna wait. It gonna get cheaper. I was thinking the difference was 1 inch but the more i read on it the more its a huge upgrade.

my 6 year old 14inch lcd will have to take me through this year probably.