WTB: core i3, i5 motherboard, processor and ram

i am looking to upgrade my system and i am interested in buying a core i3, i5 motherboard, processor and ram

(for a reasonable price off course)

anyone looking to sell please let me know the details like how much used and warranty if any.

I am situated in karachi



check this

thanks ennay.

but he is asking too much of a high price for second hand parts

anybody else????????


You have an email.

ommee i have received no email,,

pls send email at the following address


Okay doing that now and if you didnt receive it you should fix ur email address on this site.

email replied ommee

Jack I read on Pakgamers that you were considering a lga775 CPU upgrade too. I am selling a core2duo E8400 for Rs. 10,000 (final). It'll give you performance comparable to a core i3 at a cheaper overall cost. You won't have to change your really nice motherboard or RAM. Email me at abdussamad@abdussamad.com if you are interested. Also see my sales thread linked in my sig.