WTB computer monitor

I am looking to buy a new lcd/led monitor for my pc checked couple of sites but unable to decided so anyone with good exp can guide me what brand and model should i go for thanks.

Only had experience with Samsung and am pretty much satisfied with it....

You can follow the thread Below

what will you use the lcd/led for,

gaming, movie watching, internet?

what is your budget to purchase the monitor?

i don't play games on computer yea once in month i watch movies if i feel like to:D i need it because my monitor is getting old and hurting my eyes. the main usage will be educational work like assignment and lots of browsing reading e-books etc :) as far as budget is concerned i can spare some cash but you know my requirements so i would love to hear your opinion.

brother again it is a little too vague.

what is your definite budget you have in mind, 10000 rs, 15000 rs????????what kind of output you have in your pc. vga. hdmi????what kind of size do you feel comfortable in. I have both a acer 20 inch lcd and a viewsonic 24 inch lcd and to be honest I feel much comfortable reading text and ebooks on the 20 inch one then the 24 inch one.

here is a list of lcd/led monitor available in Pakistan by company









benq (limited)

philips (limited)

lg (limited)

ag neovo

compaq (limited)


as you can see the choices are huge,

galaxy alone carries more then 40 lcd/leds in stock, here is the website with a list of lcd/led monitors:


first you have to lock down your budget, then you make the choice in that budget.