WTB barbell plates need guidance

i want to buy some weight (barbell plates), i visited one shop there are different kind of plates with different prices... any body can guide me which type of plates to buy and what is good price per kg...

i am from rawalpindi.

whatever you do, donot waste money on the rubber coated or the chrome coat dumbels..they are 2x the price of normal Degi loha, and dont do anything except rip you off.. all you need them for is lifting, nothing else , so making them look like gold will do you no benefit for 200rs per kg.

Find an iron sale market.. they have Degi looha plates, for almost 70-80rs per kg, compared to 180rs per kg for chrome plates and 220 for rubber coats..multiply the difference to 40kg and you can see atleast 4000rs difference.

buy a good full length rod, 5ft or longer depending on your shoulder width..donot buy small one for curling... you can do same with long rod. buy a good solid heavy rod with fine chrome fiunish, should cost around 1100rs or so. but buy cheapest available weight.

also donot buy deeghi loha plates by the number of kg printed on the plate.. its never the same weight.. eg a 30kg plate is actually 23-24 kg in weight.. they will charge you for 7kg extra, if you dont buy without weighing first.

do you know any shop to buy this deeghi loha plates in rawalpindi?