WTB Any DisplayPort Enabled LCD [Karachi]

As the topic title suggests, I'm willing to purchase any DisplayPort enabled LCD in Karachi, preferably DELL! DisplayPort cable should be included!

I think it will be alot easier if you wrote down the names of the monitors that have display ports and ask people if they have anyone of them (for example the $700 Dell 2408WFP). ahsanshah has been selling Dell U2410 LCDs here, they have display ports, you should try messaging that guy to see when he will have more. If budget is not a problem then you should go ahead and simply buy the pricey Apple Cinema LCD from any Apple distributor in Karachi.

P.s: I am curious why do you need such an LCD? Category 2 HDMI already has "beyond HD" capabilities if you are worried about the video output quality

Hey Zasha; my primary use of the DisplayPort LCD is with ATI's EyeFinity Technology. I've been trying to get my hands on a dongle / adapter for 6 months now with no such luck - even tried importing the darned things and I've been at dead ends everywhere. I've had three 22" screens for ages now running with my Crossfire setup but have given up on the idea of an adapter. With so much money spent already I figure what best way to get what I've been after than by just buying a suggested DisplayPort LCD. I've sold off one of my screens and I'm looking to replace it with a DisplayPort enabled screen.

I already spoke to Ahsan Shah but he's completely out of stock. If I can get my hands on one sooner, awesome. Otherwise he's promised to let me know as soon as things become available. Any DisplayPort screen would do really, and I'd love nothing more than to get my hands on a Dell U2410.

The Apple LED Display is just too pricey and that again, only supports Mini-Display port. It'd be fine if I wanted to use it with my Macbook Pro alone but that would be just too much of an investment.

Once again type up a list and ask everyone if they have any of the mentioned monitors. Actually this should get you started:


Try checking out LCD TVs to see if anyone of them might also have the option. Once again you'll have to research up a list then cross check with the market. Anyways I'll ask around. If anything comes up I will be sure to message you.

P.s: I think Ahsanshah sold his LCDs to a reseller, meaning you could probably buy it back from the guy at a higher price, i.e. if you really can't wait.

Dell U2410

Dell P2210 with DisplayPort Cable

I think either one of those would work.

I've spoken to Ahsan but he hasn't been able to provide me with any more information regarding the sale; I really haven't a clue as to who his reseller was, now if only I could get my hands on that contact number haha! I reckon I could wait but if it means paying a thousand or two more to get it sooner I really don't mind.

Well you'll have to talk to him, thats all I can say