WTB:- alertpay funds

looking to buy alertpay funds about 20$-30$ against PKR

i can transfer funds through

Bank Trasnfer to any online bank (prefreable)


just pm me or post your rate for this

don't post or pm if you have not sufficient funds in your AP(20$) or if your rate is above 80PKR/1$.


Can do that but wont do it the price you said i will take the price of actuall dollar like 85 or 86 cant do that to 80 so interested pm me :D

i can give $$$ u as much as u need but rate can't be even lesser than the open market rate.... infact the resellers would charge u around 95rs.... if agree i can give u on 90rs/$

you can add your scb card and send the alertpay dollars , if you are looking for cheap alertpay, lower than market price, beware there any many out there but the payment will be reversed sooner or later , they transfer illegal ap funds.