Wrongfully being charged by ufone

i am using Ufone UTH package and as advertised they are suppose to charge me 1.20 per day as service charges. At first everything was ok but since the last week they have started charging me 2.4 and 3.6 daily. despite complaining to the customer service this hasn't been resolved and i am still being charged wrongfully. is this happening to me only or any other Ufone customers out there also being charged wrongfully.

and i am not using any of there services that could be possibly charging me the extra amount.

I have a good believe in the fact that all the Pre-Paid customers, no matter which network operator they belong to, are in some way a great business opportunities for their concerning network. If you try to check with it you would notice that there is some thing different in charges what you think it should be, just like you did above and noticed the same.

I, once a long time ago, tried to check these cut outs with very concentration of mine and I noticed that even on Jazz, there were more deduction than is supposed to.

today i got a msg saying that a VAS service i requested has been activeted :@ where as i did not subscibe to anysuch offer. when i called there help line they said yes the missed calls alert has been activated on ur number. and they refused to agree that i did not subscribe to it. what the hell man. whats wrong with ufone.

I activated the saudia calling package recently advertised by telenor. They first had to deduct 15 or 17 rupees to activate the package, and then you can call to saudi for 4.99 (exl tax) per min. I activated and called during the time, to my surprise they charged me about 17 rupees per minute, which is even more than the usual call to saudia! Calling to their customer service number is absolute waste of time as their people hardly know anything. Now i know how these mobile companies make so much money.

^ there is nothing wrong from telenor if you see there advertisement they say as low as 4.99 to Saudi Arabia and u see a * next to Saudi Arabia and if you see the advertisement properly very small its written for 30 seconds in your case when u call for a minute in your own understanding you count minute up till 60 seconds but in billing as soon as 60th second clicks its been counted as 2nd minutes so if you see properly as you said 17 rupees ..... 5 x 3 times 30 seconds plus tax which is absolutely fine i don't find anything wrong in it

Reminds me of my days when i used mobilink abt 8 years ago. The bloodsuckers used to deduct about 20rs daily for no reasons.

^^ not only the 60th sec counts to 2nd minute, but even if you drop a call at your end at 58th or 59th sec, still it will take 1-2 additional secs for their system to realize that the call has been dropped, so it is unwise to continue the call after 55 secs as it is usually charged into 2nd minute.

A minute minder feature in cell phones is only good if it alerts you after 50 or 55 secs, otherwise it's no use knowing at 60th sec that the minute is up. I remember my old Siemens c55 phone had this feature of alerting after 50 secs. I don't know why newer phone OS's have stopped including this useful feature.

now they are charging me 1.2 one day and 2.4 the next day what the helll yarr

after 3 complains the problem is yet to be resolved. amazingly they day i complain i get charged the rite amount 1.2 but from the next day they start charging me 2.4 again. ufone isnt accepting any faults on there end. i wonder how much they are making by doing this to the millions who are on uth package and dont have any clue whats going on :@

We should check this link for exact rate, charged by the mobile companies