WP Old Members

Dear Members

It has been many many months since my last activity on this forum. I trust you all are fine and doing well.

Wish you all, a very happy and prosperous New Year 2019.

Wish to see which old mates are still around. Kindly drop a line in this thread.


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I hope the new year brings a lot of happiness and progress for all members here! A very happy new year to all!

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Hey. I’m still here. I still check around the forum every now & then. Not get to contribute much though, due to busy life schedule.

Still, i get nostalgic whenever i see an old member post these days. So I’m hoping to see some old usernames on this thread.

Oh, and nice to see both of you. I hope you’re doing well in life. Happy new year!

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Oh, very nice to hear from you.

I think the major upset to this forum was caused by the last hacking, after which the members scattered.

But it was fun + info for all of us. Let’s try again to make this as active as it used to be.

Only 3 members replied eh? I was looking forward to see a lot more of us…

Here’s a shoutout to some of the classic members i remember:

Faisal, farhan_ds, deffury, ahmsun, jDk, armada & others…

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Yes, a bit disappointment here as well.

I think people have found other activities or got too busy, who knows…