WP DOTA/WC3 Players All Stand Up!

Well guys this is for all wired Pakistan members who play dota on garena.

Please post your respective garena nicks here:

My Main: Korrupter

Secondary: StrikerXu

Clan: -{dA}

? :o i guess no one plays dota here on wp

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? :o i guess no one plays dota here on wp
[/quote] At least I dont play it.

me neither!

Hmm how is it played? is it warcraft name game?

Yes koder it is.

OMG ive got 1 word for non-DOTAns! "Level not enough to join room" :D

B.net: firecruz

Garena: firecruz

Garena2: Ek^Rome

Garena3: i_love_wapda

Garena4: MYM^n00b , Cla55ic, goes on ..... i guess i have over 8 accounts :D dont remember their IDs


Current Clan: -{dA}

previous: NM, ReSpt , UG. (for 3 days :P ) <-----dont remember names exactly

Jeez & i thought i have too many accounts on garena.... lol

@ firecruz can u plz tell what is recommended for hosting on garena? i mean better bandwidth or better SNR and line attentuation

Good upload speed with good line stats. I think


striker said it right! actually in game hosting you need both ...upload download GG! if u have some bandwidth monitoring software u can check how much data it consumes to play a 1v1 or 2v2 or ...... so that you can estimate the usage! i believe its around 4-5kb/user (max) so if its a 5v5 this means 9 players on net! = 9x5=45kb/s (up and down) so 1mb download is ok which goes like 100+kb but upload is bad ...25k+ so it lags when there are some more clicks or actions in the game! the gaming wud be fine if we had a 1mb/1mb package!

about snr/attenu! the ping is a little bit dependent on attenuation & modulation & distance and it goes on ....if u want to read more there is PING forum by me here :)


so lets keep dota here :)

striker dont worry people who visit these forum are just general class people! DOTANS have already so many forum that starting another is useless! :) im myself a fan of dota utilities! :)