Would you recommend following Machine?

Acer AS5740G-434G32MN

I am not sure how much it would cost actually in market. I would also not be interested to buy an Acer one.

But how would you do for the following offer.. of course it would have been priced a bit higher than market.. Please mention if you get the actual price for which it's available in market.

also please compare it with others in any way you want...

UBL is listing it for Rs. 75,087/- with installment plans of 3months (Rs.25,029/-) and 6months(Rs.12,515/-). Zero markup on full listed price but of course the Price may be higher than the market so it would be nice if any one could inform about the market price....

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Core i5 430M - 2.26GHz


512MB - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470


15.6" LED CB


with linux


Apart from 5470, I don't see much attraction in it, and 5470 does not have very good rating, at least in passmark tests. Other than this, you could even get an i7 for less than 60K. I got my laptop with specs below for $890 six months back, but of course, that was straight from US, without any taxes or local market premium, and without local warranty.

I7 in less than 60K :o with a good quality graphic card ? Can you give any links

I said, "other than this", which meant, an i7 with on-board graphic card. Of course for laptop any card would be on-board :D, but I mean to say, the graphic card with non-dedicated memory, or built-in graphic card.

Sometime back, a Compaq model with i7 was available for less than 60K if I remember correctly; I was referring to that. I'll see if I can find the link. By the way, Dell Inspiron 1564 is available on Galaxy website for 67000. The graphic card is a bit inferior to 5470, but processor is superior. Specs below:

Intel® Core™ i5 520M 2.4GHZ

4096MB DDR3 System Memory

Hard Drive 320GB

Tray-load DVD+/-RW

15.6" High Definition (720p) WLED Display with TrueLifeTM

1.3MP Integrated Webcam with Integrated Microphone (standard)

Digital (SD) Memory Card , Hi-Capacity Secure Digital (SDHC), Hi-Density Secure Digital (SDHD), Multi Media Card (MMC), Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick PRO (MS Pro), xD Picture Card (xD)

(3) USB 2.0 compliant ports, Integrated network connector 10/100 LAN (RJ45),VGA Port, AC adapter connector, Audio jacks (1 line-out, 1 Mic-in), Wifi

6-cell (47 WHr) Lithium-Ion




Edit: Prices have probably gone up during past couple of months on back of higher exchange rates probably. Could not find the appropriate link for the model which I mentioned earlier. But you might want to check this link. Processor, hard disk and graphic cards are superior, but downside: RAM and display size.

Well everything else is good (I don't need a heavy graphic card), but the number of USB ports and Integrated Microphone (standard) are bit of a problem. :P No details on Wifi card ?

So what do you think if the same specs I listed above were branded into Dell or HP instead of Acer?

Any change in your thoughts then?

Plus the Rs.67,000/- unikorn posted with a specs list is considerable because it's possible that UBL may have reserved around 8,000/- as profit for them and valued almost same machine as Rs.75,000/- ... may be?

That's why I asked for the cost of the same machine in the market so I can make an idea that how much UBL is benefited from this deal...

I don't know about Acer but from my experience with Dell and Sony Vaio, I think dell is better of the two, their laptops are more solidly build.

Do you need a high class graphic card ?

Yesterday I visited hyperstar, most of the systems were i3 ranging between 40K to 70K. A few were i5 tcosting between 60K to 115K. I5 spec were like upto 4Gb ram and 500Gb HD. Hp had a led backlight LCD.