Would an upgrade from 256 to 512 would speed-up the browsing in anyway

1-some one once told me on this very forum that whether it is a 256-k,512 or 1 mb connection for that matter, the browsing speed wouldn't be very different in Pakistan!!

so is it true?

2-a thing that always bothers me is the fact that if you are downloading and browsing on these ptcl dsl connections at the same time, what you mostly get is a browsing experience which is very irritatingly slower from the 1 when you are not downloading anything which in many ways is understandable as well,but having said that, i also remember thw days when i would browse on a medioker 128 k dsl connection of my cable-wala (with at least 15 customers online at any time [browsing or downloading stuff]) and yet not getting a very slow browsing experience at least unless i too was downlaoding stuff?

so is it the contention ratio or simply just the difference b/w a home and a commercial/connection which makes browsing much better for a 128 k connection of cable-walas as compaerd to the 256 k connection of a home user or its just any abndwidth allocation technique used by them?

I am using 1 MB connection and browsing is just fine when i am downloading something.

Depends on how fast you download. If you're torrenting you might want to limit the maximum download speed so it won't throttle browsing speed. But in general, browsing doesn't require a lot of bandwidth unless its a media heavy website like Youtube.

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I am using 1 MB connection and browsing is just fine when i am downloading something.

but considering the fact that a direct download donwlaods the stuff at the max. speed of a connection ,there gotta be some difference in browsing??..unless of course you have allocated a certain amount of your bandwidth to it?


why is it tht the different softwares like netlimeter,du-meter are showing me different downloading speeds at a given time?..which 1 should i believe is the actual speed that i am getting?

i happen to have installed both du-meter and net-limeter!!

I use direct downloads...I use usenext too which uses max bandwidth but browsing is still fine...I am currently downloading at 115KB/Sec using usenext and browsing is just fine.

I think it's more a matter of upload speed availability than downloading because your browser requests also need to get through. People usually ignore this fact. That's why when you have a torrent client running and it's also consuming maximum upload speed, browsing does slow down, but if you limit your uploading speed to below maximum in the client, you'll get a good browsing speed.

If you are downloading through http or any other protocol which isn't consuming upload bandwidth, your browsing will just be fine and your download bandwidth will be distributed among different connections.

@ acsher

No matter you have 10 MB connection, if your whole connection is utilized by download+uploading then your browsing will be very slow (even slower than 56K modem). It's not just PTCL or Pakistan, it's laws of physics and applies to everywhere.

You should always check browsing without downloading/uploading anything in background. Moreover, I am sure that your cable-net provider was using some transparent cache-server and/or some high quality internet connection. Latency rate, ISP's backbone, internal network architecture, cache server, etc., many things plays their part for speedy or slow browsing.

Having said that, you should experience better browsing (without any downloading/uploading along with it) with more bandwidth (my personal experience).

Happy surfing!

Fe-Aman Allah.

Think of your internet connection as a pipe.

Think of the water as data.

Your bandwidth represents the diameter of the pipe.

Imagine the pressure from the tap being "full blast" (this for the technical, represents your ISP's backhaul).

Therefore, the larger your bandwidth (diameter of pipe), the more data (water) can travel in and out to your computer.

So in short, yes, the "higher" or "larger" your bandwidth, the more responsive (quick) your browsing experience will be.

As far as downloading and browsing at the same time, if your computer is using the full capacity of your pipe to download a file, it wont leave any space for your browsing (and vice versa). Generally, your computer is smart enough to do the balancing itself. Alternatively, use a download manager (windows: flashget mac:igetter), to limit your download speed to a fraction of your connection speed. This will "reserve" some bandwidth for your browsing.

Hope this analogy helped =)