WorldCall Shuts Down Digital Channels

Since last evening, there is no Digital Service from WorldCall.

I thought it was a temp glitch, but when there was no signal

late into the night, I called their customer service center and

of course, as in the past, whenever their service goes belly-up,

their answering service repeatedly dropped calls.

Finally, in the wee hours, I was able to get through to some-

body who claimed to be a human being. He said that PEMRA

had shut-off their digital channels, without giving them any

reason and they will remain shut, until further notice.

Kar lo jo karna hai.

Yeah, all of you who plunked down several thousand rupees

for WC digital set top boxes and were expecting to see some-

thing... tough.

Why is WC behaving like a spoiled brat all of a sudden ?. Some

body needs to take it upon their knee and do the needful.




Sheikh 'WC Die! Die! Die!' Chilli

Is it owned by Salman Taseer governer Punjab?

May be he has some shares in it.

I could be wrong. Just a query.

Hell! and I got a new connection just last week! --- talk about luck! -- got through to a Mr. 'harry' on WC... said its been blocked till further notice by Pemra, and they have no clue as to why. This is absolutely unbelievable! This can only happen in Pakistan..:( --- They should bloody well return our money!

Maybe we should all send a petition to Pemra to complain about this idiotic action.

All the indian and shockingly Islamic channels are closed down on analog cable from last night. Blaming cable operators isnt right they are doing whatever they can to satisfy their costumers. Maybe we all should nuke pemra instead of complaining anyone. they cant even obey the SC orders. :mad:

No problem with DTV in Lahore

This is daft!! I just received an email from Nayatel regarding the closure of channels too.


NTL Support Department ✆ to ntlvideo

show details 9:35 AM (17 minutes ago)

Dear Valued Customer:

PEMRA has ordered all cable TV operators in Pakistan

to immediately stop broadcasting of all unlicensed/

unauthorized TV channels. In compliance to this

regulatory order, we have stopped airing these

channels effective today, 26 August 2010. This

order has affected both, our Analog and Digital

channels, as per the following detail:

Closed Digital Channels Closed Analog Channels

Now Sony

Euro News Star Plus


Bloomberg QTV

NHK World GEO Super

Show Sports 3 Baby TV

Show Sports 4 ARY Nick

Fox Sports Colors

Dubai sports Al Jazeera (English)

Travel Peace TV (Urdu)

BBC Entertainment

TV 5

Dubai TV

Saudi 1


Zee Music

Show Movies Kids

Lotus Macau

Fox Movies

Fox Series


Super Movies

OSN Comedy

America plus

Cinema City


Zee Smile

9 X

9 XM

Peace TV (English)

The Style Network

PEMRA can be contacted at

This issue has been reported in national media and

implemented across Pakistan for all cable TV operators


We sincerely apologize for inconvenience as we have

no option but to comply with the orders of national

regulatory authority.


What exactly are unlicensed channels?! Geo Super? QTV? Peace? Iqra? Al-Jazeera news by far is the best news channel - now we're left with Fox, Sky and CNN.

Star Plus is working on worldcall with a hologram on it :) in karachi on WC.

yeah, but what about the other channels, like OSN comedy etc.??? This sucks.

Same here in Multan. All Indian and Religious channels have been shut down by WC and all other analog cable operators. Blocking In-house(private) cable channels should also be done which show Indian content. Removing religious channels is not right.

wateen too has blocked the channels due to the restriction of PREMRA until further notice

Hurrrray Star Plus is blocked in my area :D

in lahore all indian channels working on digital cable

this appeared in a local newspaper (aug 27 2010)..........................

Landing rights: some TV channels off air

LAHORE, Aug 26: On a warning from the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra), most of the cable operators in Lahore and elsewhere in the country have switched off channels having no landing rights in Pakistan.

A majority of foreign entertainment channels, some sport and religious channels have gone off air.

The question of landing rights had risen during the hearing of some TV channels' petition against their blackout by some cable operators in the country.

there is no further news.................

ah. govt. took badla!

Hey WC Digital Channels are back....wonder what happened??? :|

Digital Channels are once again shut-off in the whole

Karachi area since this evening. This time WC excuse

is a "Network Problem", not Pemra.

WC is going to the dogs. These are the same repeated

shenanigans that local cablewallahs used to pull and we

got sick 'n tired and switched to WC.




Sheikh 'Uninterrupted Pareshani' Chilli

Hey guys the reason for these shutdowns is that most of the channels given by cable operators have no landing rights to broadcast in our territory. For example supersport had the rights in their own african region and not in ours, so they either had to get landing rights from pemra or shut down their beams to allow channels to broadcast in our territory who had the proper rights. That was the main reason that multichoice terminated its services from our region to avoid any tensions that could hurt their legal subscribers in africa which they observed during ipl this and last year. Geo super is yet to get landing rights from Pemra and that's why its illegal for cable operators to distribute it. Its a pretty complex kind of situation regarding pemra and cable operators. One can't say that where is the problem but one thing for sure that channels who have landing rights are always given luxury to be able to broadcast throught cable operators otherwise it would become international rights infringement case which is pretty common in third world countries like ours.


yup worldcall is owned by salman taseer.

@darth ducky

Thats I call customer service at its best. I am a user of worldcall dtv and you can see the difference that for two days worldcall switched their phone off to avoid any confrontation with angry customers. wow! what a country!


Worldcall digital channels are back to normal.