Worldcall showing adult channel where is PEMRA?

last night i was watching a horror movie on world call digital cable and i suddenly changed the channel and worldcall was showing an adult channel named TVX .it was really shocking for me how its possible ??? where is pemra ??? they are spoiling our generation .i confirmed tonight again and same channel on digital cable in between NHK and Cinma city .any one noticed this ?????????

i have worldcall cable connection and i have not seen any kind of this channel.

name may b it could b in lahore

its on digital cable not on analogue cable channels name is action tv 1000 and they change channel after 2 am at night from 2 to 4 they show TVX Adult channel check it i have made its video as proof as well

Complain to PEMRA.

Hey aleena...

Do u have elder brothers?

If you do, consult them first before complaining to whom ever u like..... :(


You are right there, its insanely adult considering the parental control situation in our country. These kind of channels must be provided with specific paid access and not available for general public. This was the reason that pemra banned these and other similar channels across the country. TV 1000 Action is a part of TV 1000 Viasat Sweden bouquet and it shows adult content late night. Kind of channels worldcall is authorized to give on their digital platform its no coincidence that this channel is being shown. But i would again say that this kind of channel must not be available for general public and worldcall either discontinue it or make a seperate package provided with accessible card.


I don't think so corrupt pemra will listen to our complaints. I have serious doubts regarding their competency. Pemra is a money grubbing monster and they are better off with their incomes rather caring for our generation.

So as I understand from Santa Cruz's post, its not that World Call is changing channels manually themselves, its the channel itself that switches to adult content late at night?

In that case there is a good chance World Call themselves are unaware of this...maybe you could try complaining to World Call first for faster resolution of the issue...

i have not complained to them because i officially dont have digital cable at home lol my cousin gave us koan receiver which we using for digital channels free of cost

So rude. my post deleted.

^ Mine too. :/

what you wrote in post

Yeah what did you guys write, anyhow if you have it illegally then you have absolutely no reason to complain.

If you want justice then buy a proper connection and then complain.

Its also true that they are unaware, i remember when they use to show mnet and other dstv channels and one night i was taking care of the kids and they were watching tv, they asked me to change the channel as the movie (some kid/dog movie) had ended. As i entered the room i saw that the channel were showing adult stuff and i was like WTF......

Well I called them up and they closed the channel for 4 hrs (thats the amount of time mnet showed those stuff). Weeks later they stopped showing most of dstv channels.

i have legal connection and paying them 400 per month and digital cable is free in this package only i have not bought stb from them so thats why.....

isnt 400 for cable connection only, for digital you have to pay extra, thats what I seem to recall, when i last conversed with WC

one pays Rs.3500/= for the stb. -- one time payment, stb belongs to WC. charges are the same.

no its free now no monthly subscription....

Can you post video? you said you have recorded :)

u can watch it daily from 2 to 4 on action tv 1000 i think that should be enough lol

i dont want to post or see that crap again :)

LOL... topic gets interesting :P

update they changed action tv 1000 with tv1000 :)

i think they read my thread lol