WorldCall Load Shedding Related Downtime

AOA to all,

Does anyone is having issues with with internet connectivity when load shedding on effect from WAPDA, in Lahore (especially in Allama Iqbal Town). I spoke to WorldCall people since last week about this and this is what I discovered.

They said that there was fire in their main power system due to which complete Lahore of was last week. So they bought new systems and everything should be resolved by Wednesday 3rd August 2011.

I just wanted to confirm if what these people are true and are you having same issues?

Regarding the above this was my experience with WorldCall support.

- 22 July 2011 I asked them to look into the issues and resolve it asap, but they were keeping saying that your area is stable and up :P 111-111-965 reply is pretty much same all the time since last week.

- 26 July 2011 I went to local area office and ask them to check the issue, they said that our main power source for your area is out of order and we had to carry portable generators to every main NODE and get it up by hand. They also said that we have asked HQ offices to get us power due to this issues.

- 27 July 2011 I called them again asked about the situation and there reply was everything is fine and your area is up and stable :P

- 29 July 2011 I called their corporate office talk to CTO's secretory she assured that she will check with our main engineering team gave me a mobile number for main Lahore engineering team head to call him and tell him everything, so I did and this is guy who told me that there was a fire which destroyed our backup power system and we ordered new and should be installed by 3rd August 2011.

So anyone with same issue, please confirm what he said and also confirm if this issue is common problem for latest a week, or it would be that only our town (area) is effected buy this BS story.

Anyway awaiting your input.