Worldcall Islamabad has started HD channels on their digital platform

Hey guys, since the dissappearance of multichoice & osn packages worldcall replaced them with crappy free to air channels. From the last couple of days they were changing channel frequencies and last night all the channels got blacked out. They changed all the channels and given new channels as well and moreover surprisingly they have managed to give HD channels which are moviemax premier HD and Luxe tv HD. Their picture is shocking superb and I love it seriously. I don't know how they managed to adjust it on a SD platform and SD receiver but it's working big time. Surprisingly the Video PID and Audio PID too are different from other channels in the list e.g it's PID is 63 however SD channel PID is 653 etc......... I mean its exciting to see HD channels in a country like ours. Great huh!

I will update the list in coming days as it seems to be a major change in channels so when they will get settled I shall be in a good position to upgrade it.

Thats a good news. But keep in my HD channels can only be viewed on a HD receiver. Its not possible to get picture on a SD receiver but you can get sound tho.

So i guess they are using HD feeds from satellites and putting them in SD format on cable.

Probably they are doing it like this. They are using Gemini Project HD receiver which is cc cam equipped.