Worldcall Feedback

After being sick of PTCL's bad service for the last 1 month I have now thought to move to Worldcall. I live in Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi and am thinking to subscribe to 1mbps package. I m yet to get connected. Please give your reviews on worldcalls service in Gulshan e iqbal

If you managed to get a connection there is one problem that you will face. Browsing and downloading slows down from 7PM to around 1AM. But getting a connection in the first place is a hassle. Apart from these problems its good.

I do not know why I just didnt go for worldcall before. I got the 2mb connection to test and I have already run out of things to download. 2 days and getting a solid 230kb. Havent got disconnected by anything yet. Runs fine during power outages too. Lets see how it goes, all the good times end sooner here than later.

Exactly got my package installed the very next day i ordered and the speed is damn stable getting stable 115-120KBps which is great plus no DCs and no power outrage WCALL rocks. The upload speed is also great getting 70+KBps on my package. Also their FTP is great and DC++ server is also updated

Same here....due to PTCL line issues, i switched from Maxcom to Worldcall a couple of months back. Browsing has been awesome and constantly high (am on the 4mb package). I did face a dc due to some to cable fault and it took them 4 days to fix it....that was the scary part....even though the speed is great, their CS sucks big time....