WorldCall "Digital" - The Hidden Charges

With a WorldCall CATV (Analog) connection you can sub-

scribe to their digital service by paying Rs. 3,500/- for

their digital cable box.

But should you require another digital box, say for availing

the Pic-in-Pic function of a large screen TV, or recording

media from another channel, you can pay and get another

box, but now you will be charged Rs. 150/month extra on

your bill under the heading of a "2nd CATV" connection.

If you ask their sales rep today, a second digital box has

no monthly fee attached to it, but their billing department

says we will add a second CATV charge on your bill, if you

get a second digital box. Nowhere on their website is this

policy/principle mentioned or alluded to, in any way.

Since the fee for the digital box is non-refundable, you

can't hand it back to them. Not only are you in it for the

price of the box, but for every month thereafter, in perp-

etuity. And they get to advertise that their digital service

is "free".

Now that, is quite a neat little trick.




Sheikh 'Zalim Samaaj' Chilli

Quite amazing to see worldcall Its definitely a wrong idea to get few bucks out of their digital service. Here in Islamabad from the start the digital service is charged for Rs200 alongwith Rs350 for analog which makes Rs550 for both packages when it was free in lhr and khi. May be they wanted to cover cost of laying fiber from lhr to Isb which is a pretty lame approach I should say considering the fact that its free in other cities. That's why I bought the receiver directly from worldcall headend and didn't let know my local cable operator that I have a digital box so its running free and fine for me. No encryption no payment!

One doesn't mind as long as they lay it out in black

and white beforehand. Changing the terms midstream

and giving out contradictory explanations is smarmy

fraud, which stinks.

Customer: "Aap ney kaha tha ke Digital is free..."

WorldCall: "Aap samajh nahi rahey, Digital free hee

hai. Yea extra charges tou CATV ke lag rahain hain ab se".

Oh yeah, I understand. Only too well.

Trouble is, there aren't any other viable options available.

So you have to keep WorldCall, with their dozen indian,

Arabic and other crap "digital" channels. You can't even

get reliable satellite service here, while in remote African

towns they enjoy hundreds of European channels.

Something is so-not-right here, in Denmark.




Sheikh 'Skylab' Chilli

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Customer: "Aap ney kaha tha ke Digital is free…"

WorldCall: “Aap samajh nahi rahey, Digital free hee

hai. Yea extra charges tou CATV ke lag rahain hain ab se”.

Sheikh ‘Skylab’ Chilli


lolx…this reminds me of our School’s lost I.D card policy. If you lost your I.D card then you’ll have to pay 500Rs. Security and the card is actually free of cost.! LMAO.!

Its like that with every business these days. Service charges and various fees are the norm. Subscription based services are notorious for these types of fees. When they have you by the balls they can charge you whatever they like! Consumer inertia is very profitable.