Worldcall complains and their responses

Hello. I live in Karachi and I've been using Worldcall's cable broadband for about 3 years, and it's been really good until now. My connection is disconnected from 7:45 AM til 10:30 PM *everyday*. It's been like this for more than a month and I complain about this 3 times a day, but I get the same response everyday, which I quote: "Your complain has been forwarded to the respective department, you will be contacted by them real soon". But guess what? I never get a call from them. I pay 2000RS a month for my 4 MBPS connection which doesn't work all day. Sometimes they say that a team will visit me soon, but that never happens. I've tried e-mailing them too but that's no good either. What should I do? Has anyone ever dealt with Worldcall's behavior like this before?


This issue is happening in my area (ravi block, allama iqbal town) in lahore as well, the internet during the peak timings. One more pattern i have noticed is that once you browse porn the connection in the next few days becomes very poor, i assume they have some auto porn detector setup!!!

Lol. Mylelin!!

Complain to PTA