WorldCall 6mbs running at 1mbps

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I wish to cancel and request complete refund of my cable internet package of “Thunder 6MB” due to it not working at a speed more than 1mb in the first few days, and after that point not working at all.

I have made complaints and visited the Worldcall center already, but there has been no improvement in the speed, or a response by Worldcall to fix it.

Kindly send an address to which I can courier the worldcall modem back to you.

Customer details:


Installation receipt: AA 54976 Dated 14/04/2011 SAF# 54976 Amount Rs 7080/-

Date of Installation: 16/04/2011

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I got a 6mbps Worldcall cable connection installed, but it’s never worked at faster than 1mbps speeds, despite repeated complaints and visits. So I finally cancelled it.

Pretty much the reaction I got from WorldCall Karachi is that it works doesn’t it? What more do you want? It was hard enough to get someone there to realize that paying for 6 and receiving 1 is a problem, which they finally did realize, but never fixed.

So that’s my worldcall story… now onwards on the search for faster internet… though I was wondering if anyone here has been able to get a fast internet connection through worldcall actually working? I thought it should be more reliable than DSL as worldcall has a better infrastructure.

I have the Worldcall 4MB package and it works great.

I switched from Maxcom as I couldn't tolerate the line problems and issues and wanted to get away from dependency on the PTCL line network. So far, except for one hiccup, I must say Worldcall has been a very positive experience with consistent speeds.

The only thing that scares me is their Customer Service sucks and thank God, that I have not needed it yet.

I have worldcall 10mb in clifton and its working great.

since the past month my 4mb connection has been working around 1mb. i've complained like 5 times in the past 2 weeks now and my issue still hasnt resolved. they have registered my case at "slow browsing". they dont seem to understand that im not getting the speeds which im paying for. i guess i'll just have to visit their office and set them straight.

So I got a response from WorldCall and they offered a full refund - which was quite a pleasant surprise.

No money yet from Worldcall, but they are promising that once they finish process my case they will issue a refund.

you might want to consider checking whether your modem is actually grabbing the appropriate configuration file from worldcalls tftp. you'll need docsdiag & java installed, get docsdiag from here:

download it & extract it and launch the command prompt and type:

java -jar docsdiag.jar

My 1mbps works at 2mbps late in the night and work at 256kbps rest of the day... and its down atleast 8 hours everyday

that sounds horrible, since wc uses electricity from the standard poles whenever there is load shedding in that area the service goes down. you should dump wc and go for ptcl dsl or wireless

I've been using WorldCall for 3 years now. Still as good as ever. Never had a single problem, except once when the wire got cut. But they fixed it after a week.

Worldcall like ptcl is area dependent - I had it installed at my office and it worked great (4mb) but at my house same connection but doesnt go beyond 2MB . Have already complained but no response