World Call DTV Karachi Inquiry


does anyone over here no what the tuning frequency for worldcall dtv service in karachi is . my channel count has decreased from like 50 something to around 17 on its own with many OSN channels and mbc channels being removed and no replacements being put. Is anyone over here experiencing similar problems. Also if someone over here has the digital cable service could you please post the full lineup of channels you are receiving on your coshop set box. thanks

Yup the same thing happened to me. :(

If you call the WorldCall number, they will guide you through how to re-tune your box...i think the settings are start frequency 82 and End Frequency 818

Take the remote of your COSHIP set-top-box and press:

Menu-->Installation-->List Search.

In the List Search dialog box, put the following settings:

Start Frequency: 100.0

End Frequency: 999.0


Press "Start Search".

If your signal strength and quality is more than 50%

You should get all the 62 channels (in Karachi). I don't

know why the WC CSRs misquide the customers by

narrowing the search frequency band, which ignores

most of the channels that they broadcast on Digital.




Sheikh 'A Public Servant' Chilli

i'm not getting the History Channel or MGM... I re-tuned, as advised by the CSR, but no luck. Are you receiving these channels?

yeah thanks man.i got all the channels back through the re-tuning thingy. though mgm and history are still coming blank for some reason.

they should really improve the lineup though..lot of crappy indian and arabic music channels. the lineup for the lahore and isloo dtv services is so much better! do u guys have any news if they plan on updating the khi one??

also if you guys know of any of other dtv service providers in karachi..please let me know which ones and if they have a website just post the link.thanks