World call ! Anyone is facing signal problem?

Urghh i m facing signal problem

Living in Gulistan-e-johar Area

I am not sure whether we both having the same problem. I think signal is not the main issue. In fact, their service is down. I have been unable to connect for last a few days here in sialkot.

i complaint and they are saying

u have to update their software from our center

u are using 2008 device

i have different issue. I just called their customer support. He told your device is disabled because of non payment. Same happened last month. Device stopped working on 16th and automatically started working on about 26th. I shall visit them tomorrow to know what is the exact reason.

My speeds have deteriorated here in Clifton....wonder what is going on...they have the worst Customer Service rep so no use calling them :(

i am having signal problems and dc problems in defence karachi as well. If they continue i guess i will have to complain to them.

When complaining i suggets you get a complain number issued and call them the next day, each day to ask if it has been rectified. Always works for me.

i always do this jack

well i think world call sucks now a days

and its service is going bad and bad day by day

anyone using WorldCALL wireless with 64 bit windows?

in other local areas in Pakistan like deistic seikupura local town have no signal ,i want work in this area.