WordWeb's strange licensing terms :S

I have been using word web for quiet some time. Today i just opened it like i regularly do, it popped up a windows asking me how many times have i travelled via airplane in last year. I thought it would be some captcha type thingee trying to make sure that im not a bot or something. So i clicked randomly on one of the given options (I don't even remember what it was :P) and guess what, I can't use the software any longer after it gave me this message..


So one tip.. Always read the licensing terms before using the software :P

Few days back I recommended one of my noob cousin to use songs.pk for downloading songs.

He liked it but after some time a message appear in a popup from this website to install a software. Without watching he clicked on Yes and then an anti spyware or some sort of anti virus was forcefully installed in such a horrible way that it never got uninstalled from the system. It also paralize the system like a half body stroke. Ultimately he had no option other than installing a new operating system.

So, I totally agree that one should read the messages with yes/no and licensing terms. Otherwise a new installation will waste your precious time.

"You also agree that you will not use these products for ... the development, design, manufacture or production of missiles, or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons"

-iTunes EULA.

I wish I'd read that before I made my nuke with iTunes. :(

I really love how they raise the point '2 medium level return-flights are equivalent to more than 1 tonn co2 emissions'

i wish everyone who flew more and contributed more to co2 emissions be taxed like 200% for the extra flights.

good job wordweb :D

I am appaled at the methods WordWeb uses to gain business.

I received that rather stupid message asking about flights and because I have taken more than the allowed number of flights I was shut down. Now for the reason I have taken more flights than WrodWeb allows is because I have a terminal illness and have been flown to another hospital for special tests.

I wrote to Wordweb and received an negative rely which simplt shgared two web addresses.

What blatant ignorance is that forn Word web.

Incidentally, I do not have all that time left so that ignorant response from Antony Lewis defies logic.

Does anyone know of anpther program similar to WordWeb that does not dictate to its clients...Cheers.