WordPress Expert Required @ P@SHA

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P@SHA is looking for a professional developer to help us improve our thriving WordPress-powered website. This is an onsite (Karachi), full-time & temporary (3~6 months) position. As a “professional” developer you must demonstrate:

experience writing maintainable code from scratch

experience reading and modifying the code written by other developers

version control systems

semantic HTML (including HTML5)

JavaScript (especially jQuery) & AJAX



WordPress & WordPress MU

WordPress Caching and other WordPress performance optimization techniques

ability to develop and customise themes, plugins and modules for WordPress

ability to work on custom data (from non-drupal or non-wordpress DB structure)

mobile website creation

good communication skills

a desire to learn

an uncanny ability to know when to do it yourself versus when to ask someone more experienced

a true passion for web technology

You will assist us in getting a few things straight such as utilizing existing WordPress codex without installing new plugins as well as finding the most appropriate plugin(s) for certain tasks (and setting them up properly). Later on you may have to handcode plugins that fulfill specific tasks or to modify, expand, or improve existing plugins.

While there is plenty of WordPress development work, it may also branch out into other areas of open-source based application development. If you’re interested, send us an email to jobs@pasha.org.pk that describes why you think the position would be a good fit and links to one or more of the websites/plugins that you have built with a brief explanation of your role and also your own website or blog.


Link: http://pasha.org.pk/2011/04/16/jobs-in-pakistan/jobs-recruitment-vacancy-freelance-application-wordpress-cms-plugin-php-mysql-opensource/

For those who can benefit from this…

Oh wow, a great opportunity for me.