Wordpress and ptcl problem

hello all,

Have any body got the same problem while browsing wordpress dashboard ???


This error shows only on dashboard of each wordpress, and the dashboard is reacting very unusual

I am on a dedicated server on hostgator and when asked them about the issue they said that this problem is from your ISP.

when i checked this via a proxy server then every thing was normal...

Reply from hosting provider

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Okay, it may indeed be an ISP issue then. Call them up and ask if they are doing any sort of caching, and if so, ask them if they know of any issues with AJAX calls, or perhaps gzip encoding, because it looks like the requests are going through and coming back, but the output looks like it wasn't decoded properly. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.


Jon S.

Linux Systems Administrator

HostGator.com LLC



Your image has been deleted by imageshack :P

I checked it now, the image is displaying properly. also checked via proxy


here is it, http://i51.tinypic.com/2rq0v9t.jpg

Never happened to me, btw why all your bookmarks have youtube favicon?

^ because my bookmarks are youtube channels :P

If u Face still this problem (Like U mention ISP )than use open DNS . search on internet "type Open DNS " and search.

Is it windows dedicated server? if yes then check through RDC error comes or not.

I don't think so its ISP issue, however you can rectify it easily by accessing the website from any other ISP connection.