Wordcall high ping issue!

Salam evryone,

now this is a very old problem that worldcall customer services officials deny. i play cod4 on PGS , WATEEN servers.

the problem is that when i get an ip starting with 115 i get high pings 150+

but when i get an ip strating from 117 i get low ping around 50-90

so what do i do

its impossible when i get that 115 ip to play multiplayer on any server.

when i call them they just make a complain and nothing happens afterward.

what can i do??

plz help

Hello, milkyway here The process is rather complicated and involves a lot of kuwari, but once done, you will get a good ping.

As devnull said, you have to change the mac address of you NIC card, you can google to find out how to do that. Once you change the mac address of your NIC card, the dhcp assigns you a new IP.

Now comes the the ugly part, you have to hope that the DHCP server assigns you the 117.X.X.X IP. If not you have to change the MAC address again. You can do this for a maximum of 4 times, after that the DHCP will refuse to assign you an ip.

There maybe be other IP adresses that give good pings. you can check if it gives you good pings. in cmd type "ping "

So if your unlucky and still dont get a good ping after the 4th ip assigned to you, you have to reset the modem. You can do it through the modem settings or manually. If u want to do it through the modem settings. you have to go to Type in the password "W2402". Change the access level to 3 and click OK. After that go to and enter in 779000000 or 773000000 and click OK to reset the modem. OR you can restart the modem manually by switching it off then on. You have to repeat this in a cycle until you get a good IP.

You have to enter in a correct mac address btw, cause each modem accepts different mac addresses. For Webstar, the one that worldcall use, you can use these mac addresses











2 years ago, you could assign a manual ip with worldcall, but now you cant do that anymore. I face the same problem as you when playing on counterstrike servers.