Woldcall connects then disconnects


Worldcall evdo is working fine on one of my computer, but when I try to connect it on my other computer it gets connected but after 15-20 seconds the connection is terminated. It was working fine in this computer too but now it is giving this problem. I have Windows XP in both of the computer. Any one have idea what is the problem?


Can you specify if any error message you are receiving, if any?

Note following behavoir:

- are your USB ports working properly??? (try using another one or some other device)

- note behavior of your USB modem (does it goes off power state)??

- if you are connecting through USB cable, try to connect directly, may be there is some problem with USB cable (cracked, damaged, etc).

Try to pin point the problem, if it is coming from usb port or (as you have said, it is also causing problem on other computer) then see if modem is acting weird (reseting power, goes off, etc.)

Hope it helps!!

I am not getting any error, it just connects and after 15-20 seconds connection is terminated. In order to find error I have made connection through "Make New Connection Wizard" same as we are making connection for dialup. But in it also Iam getting same problem the connection terminates without any error.

- I have tried this using other USB ports but same problem. My USB ports are working fine as I am not getting any problem using other USB devices.

- USB modem is working fine, it does not go in off power state.

- I am not using USB cable. I am connecting directly.

- I think there is no problem with modem as I am not having any problem using it in second computer. Internet is working fine on that computer now also.

Before it was working fine in first computer too but from few days it is giving this connection termination problem.


If you're getting less then 2 bars of signals then it will behave like that...