Witribe external connection

In my ongoing saga for reliable internet, I signed up for a 2mb witribe connection. So far, the guy came and found out my house gets low signal strength.

So now I'm purchasing their external device for 200 dollars, they say it should work well. They were unable to give me any specs on it though on the phone.

I'll update this thread with how it goes.

I had Mobilink Wimax since 2010, but it mysteriously stopped working, and 3 months and 40 phone calls and 10 support visits later, it's still not working, sitting in the same spot where it used to work since early 2010. Also, 1mbps is too slow in the this day and age.

What else - I used it at a friends and Witribe was eons better than my Mobilink connection, when it worked that is.

200 dollars for an external Wimax device? :unsure:

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200 dollars for an external Wimax device? :unsure:


Yes, depressingly high price considering their internal modem is 850 rs with wifi. But I’m stuck with no alternative. Already tried Qubee (with external antenna), Wateen and Witribe and all three had bad signals. If there’s a fourth wimax operator will try them too.

Maybe in DHA they all share the same infrastructure since they all don’t work. The real reason could just be that I’m jinxed with internet. I’ve been searching for good internet since the digicom days and am still looking! Maxcom was the only good isp I’ve had, but now they’ve lost the plot.

Don't you have any DSL in your vicinity ?

@Faisal, I have a maxcom DSL connection but it keeps disconnecting, and I can't get through to them for help. It's been a few months like that with spotty internet connection. The few complaints I got through didn't do anything. I figure I'm in a PTCL transfer limbo or something.

Well that really sucks.

Perhaps you could opt for new/clean land line or ONU if available....cause these wireless ISP are crap eventually.

Today's witribe update - sadly, my area of DHA is smack in the middle of a coverage hole. So though I was ready to install a high gain antenna, they said it still won't work and recommended I try wateen for this area.

Goodbye witribe