Wireless Video Signal Sender

I would like to know if there's any device available in Karachi to send wireless video signals.

For e.g: I have a cable wire coming into my house and i do not want to run wires through channel patti's or the wires to be noticeable to be connected into my LCD so is there any wireless device to send video signals through walls, floors, doors and windows to easily watch Cable in another room without Wires or cables.

Following are the two devices which i have found online which i doubt would be available here in Karachi



Would appreciate if someone could help me out in this matter.

Something like that would be great really. The products you mentioned are to work with TV boxes only I guess.

My most of knowledge is limited to laptops only, so there is new thingy coming in laptops now i.e. Wi-Di (Wireless Display), so far we got only one Sony S series laptop to implement this technology (to my knowledge). The laptop is equipped to send wireless video/audio signals, you need a receive to connect on ur t.v./lcd and push wi-di button on laptop. It will detect and connect with the receiver and you can watch movies or whatever else you want on your laptop on your t.v. / lcd without wires.

rest of the information on this sony s model can be found on our website.