Wireless Router Problems after upgrading to 4mbps

Guys... since ptcl upgraded the original package of 2mb (which i had) to 4mb... my wireless router (Linksys W54rtg2) isnt detecting the internet connection thus.. is not connecting to the internet. I think it is because of the bridging protocol being used instead of the PPPOE which was originally being used. And whenever i try to set it up using the setup cd it shows CANNOT DETECT INTERNET DETECTION and asks me to select the type manually but does not have an option for Bridging protocol. But i tested the router at a friends house who has a 1mbps connection PPPOE and it works fine on it. Please can anyone help me?

sorry i spelled a line wrong... "CANNOT DETECT INTERNET DETECTION" is supposed to be


Are your bridging ur dsl router with ur wifi router or ur dsl with ur pc ? if its the later, then seems to the problem

i assume u are connecting ur dsl router into your wifi router ? and you can connect to the wireless network without any problems even though the internet does not work ?

IF so, please try to ping your wifi router first then your dsl router via ur wifi connection and post thre results? Have u checked your wifi routers logs ?

If nothing seems to work, do this(i had a similar problem with my w54rtg, this solved it trust me :P). power off both wifi and dsl routers ...(remove the switches from power sockets..) wait atleast 60 seconds... plug ur dsl router first and let it power on... dont plug in ur wifi router yet.. when u see the dsl router has a stable internet , plug in ur wifi router and turn it on... and wait for a minute and two... and chk if ur internet is working.

Hey Devnull... thx for the help.. but it did not work... i dont understand... the router and the dsl modem are not communicating with each other at all... i cant ping the dsl modem while on the wireless router either wirelessly or by being directly connected.

Even though they both have non-conflicting ip addresses. Its very confusing why this is happening.